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March 6, 2017

I always knew I lived in a tourist destination, but I was not aware how touristy it really was. Nothing really prepared me for seeing people in New York City wearing Cape Cod sweaters. And I most certainly never expected to see Cape Cod Potato chips being sold outside of Cape Cod. I remember as the company was campaigning, they had representatives stand outside the Stop and Shop nearby giving out free samples of all these different flavored potato chips (my favorite never made the cut). 

No matter where you live, people like to collect in...

February 28, 2017

Why is snowfall always the loudest form of silence? And why does the morning mist dissolve in the dawn, keeping with it all of its secrets? Could there be power in the mysterious, the unseen? I think so.

It was a reoccurring dream when I was younger. It was night, and I was moving slowly in a canoe through a moonlit salt marsh. I was not afraid - I knew this was completely necessary. Upon approaching the wide mouth of some cave, I always came back to consciousness. I have yet to really make sense of this dream, but it did well to introduce me to the power of...

February 22, 2017

My grandparents used to garden way before I can remember. At least once a year, my papa would use his rototiller to dig up the earth that has hardened under winter's heavy white blanket. At least half their entire Hyannis suburban yard (and it was a big yard) was tilled to plant their garden. Underneath was fresh, soft dirt full of nutrients. They would plant all sorts of things. I remember holding the sugar snap peas in my hands and snapping off the ends, tossing them in the bucket for dinner. I also remember snapping the just-red tomatoes off the vine to prote...

February 17, 2017

One of my favorite things about visiting my grandmother was that it usually meant waking up early to the smell of applewood bacon simmering in the kitchen. My nose would wake me first, and then I would hear the simmering and clashing away in the kitchen. I would walk to the kitchen where I would find her cooking up a storm, and I would sit down at the wooden table that was often covered in puzzle pieces, the Cape Cod Times, and home magazines. She would fix her morning coffee with hazelnut creamer, and I would often enjoy a cup with her as I ate my bacon and egg...

April 6, 2015

Why Water & Stone, and why beauty? 

Stone is the foundation of where we lay our identity and values. It is our rock, our habits, and the part of ourselves that others see and yet is largely invisible to our own eyes. Water, on the other hand, is fluid, emotional, spiritual, and capable of cutting through rock and creating canyons out of masses.

Yet, my friends, water is that powerful. 

And yet, it represents everything beautiful. Oftentimes I find that people scoff at the idea of beauty being powerful, or even worthy of pursuing. I get maybe a light chuckle out of...

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March 8, 2018

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