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Welcome Home

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Welcome! Welcome! Please, take off your shoes. May I get you some coffee? Tea? Here, sit on this bench, you look freezing! Mind the step there. Wouldn't want you to stumble. It's a bit cramped... er... cozy in here. But you should find everything you need without a worry. In the book closet, you should find writings about little adventures, journals on coffees and spirits. There are some books of poetry and prayer, what have you. I always find new things to stuff in there. I have a cassette tape by your bedside in the guest bedroom, though it only has some samples of some tunes I wrote years ago. That sound? It's quite windy out, the floorboards are creaking. Here, let me pour you some tea, it's almost ready.

Now get some rest. We have a lot of work to do in the morning.